Characteristics of Legal English Vocabulary

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Key words: Characteristics of Legal English Vocabulary Key words:

As China's reform and opening up, often markedly effective communication and exchange law and profound. Increasing demand for strong legal English. However, the legal English in common law countries are seen as a foreign language, which shows the difficulty. Grasp the characteristics of English law is an important breakthrough in the difficult way. This paper on the legal characteristics of English words of that simple. 1 The concept of legal English vocabulary features of the law should be a basic premise that the concept of legal English itself has a clearly defined. Without a clear concept of legal English, legal English features, lexical features of English law, there is no basis for a common. The study concluded naturally very difficult to reach an agreement. However, the current definition of the concept of English law can be said to be varied, different opinions. However, a variety of legal English definition of the concept, or can be pided into three categories: first, the concept of legal English. The scope of this concept in English law very broadly defined. Includes not only legal workers use English, but also to use legal workers in the English Law Institute.

For example: "Legal English is the people, especially lawyers, jurists for the concept of legal science, and for litigation and other legal matters is different from other languages ​​used by the body to English Style." "English law is the law the so-called areas of expertise and exchange of professional activities within the use of English, General English, and with it there is not much difference, but out of professional requirements, just have their special way of expression. "" Legal English is the common law countries, lawyers, judges , legal workers in the habit of using language, which includes some of the words, phrases, and featured some of the expression. "Second, the legal English concepts. This law eliminated the concept of English law when workers used in the study of English law. For example, "English law is the legislative, judicial and law enforcement in the use of a style of English." Third, the small legal English concepts. The concept of legal English is a lawyer qualified in the main drafting legal documents commonly used in English.

So-called legal English, "is the common written English legal profession (including laws, regulations, ordinances, regulations, agreements and rulings to determine, etc.), especially a lawyer drafting legal documents (contracts, articles of association, agreements, contracts, etc.) commonly used the language. "" Legal English are those written in English, a variety of legal documents. treaties, such as laws, regulations, agreements, leases, contracts, constitutions, guarantee, judgments, and so tender. "I believe that the English and the law English law are two different concepts, although they have very close links between, but both the object of the application is not the same, so workers in the study of law the law will be used when classified as Legal English English The concept of legal English is wrong. However, if the law limited English major legal documents prepared by counsel for the language commonly used, there is no scientific definition accurately reflects the law, so the concept of a small legal English nor desirable.